Tours of Derry

Delicaton Choir Group

A group that stands out the most for me this week has to be the Delicaton Choir group who have arrived in Derry from Frankfurt in Germany for our annual Derry city International Choir Fest which has been on all week throughout our city.

Guided Walking Tour on Derrys walls

The Delicaton Choir group will be performing at All Saints Clooney on this Saturday coming, and I can say that they really are amazing to listen to!!
On Tuesday all 32 of them joined me on my Derry City walking tour.
I met up with this lovely group at their hotel before we made our way over to the City Walls of Derry. They had a great interest in our local history. After passing and explaining the history of the Guildhall, the Fountain Estate, and St Columbs Cathedral we made our way down into the heart of the Bogside where we covered important topics like the Civil Rights Movement, the Battle of the Bogside, Bloody Sunday, and the current peace process. Like most visitors who come on my tours, they where extremely impressed with the thought provoking Bogside Murals and the Monuments in the area.
The following day I met up with Sonja and her group once again and we headed up to An Grianan of Aileach and Fort Dunree. We then took an incredible guided tour of Doagh Famine village in County Donegal….. One of my favourite stops! 🙂