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A “DMC” stands for destination management company, destination management organization and is definitely worth looking into when building your business as a tour operator or travelling as a group with specific needs. It’s an entity that acts as a liaison between local businesses and their potential customers, often international. Services that might be referred through a destination management company include transport services, hotel bookings, guided walking tours, bus tours, restaurant bookings, activities, events and even language or translation services. DMCs often specialise within specific locations like us here in Northern Ireland and provide services on this basis. They are hugely clued in on all activities in their particular area and can offer the best options possible for people seeking tours. Alternatively, DMCs can offer customers more competitive pricing on products and services, or a holistic and hands-on organisational service. In this context, they act as a purchasing consortium, able to use their buying power to provide better rates. What sets DMCs apart from travel agents is their hands-on and specialised approach, usually going above and beyond what is typically expected from an agent and of which money cannot buy. This might include being present on the tour, event or conference to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible during the entire process.


There is lots of reasons why using a DMC can be beneficial. For tour operators, the biggest value to be gained from using a DMC is having a second stream of reach and advertising. This means that your tour will have access to a client base that you may not have the resources to get hold of. For example, if you’re looking to aim at a new clientele potentially foreign, then a DMC could be a good option for you. But it’s not only the client base that a DMC will provide for you, as their structure has the potential to give you access to a network of service providers close to you. Establishing partnerships and alliances within your area can allow you to support and be supported by local business. And travellers and DMCs alike aspire to support locality. Having the expertise and guidance of a DMC can also function as a second creative resource for your business. Additionally, they often have a broader understanding of the client and what they are looking for when booking tours and a full range of options on a higher level of a bespoke type.

A DMC can offer local expertise and knowledge of an area that might traditionally be difficult to know. Language barriers are a significant hindering factor for customers trying to access information and tours in other countries. Not only can a DMC help customers overcome the language barrier of which we can provide services in English, Spanish and Irish. They also help their clients save time and act as quality control so that the customer can be assured that they will get the most out of their overseas experience.

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Peace and Conflict Resolution

If you are a University, College or school group our Peace and Conflict Resolution tours are the most in depth and insightful you will find in Northern Ireland. Visiting specific land marks, murals and areas of great interest during “The Troubles” we have lectures and talks from a wide ranging spectrum of participants. These may include Loyalist and Republican ex-prisoners, community activists, current and ex-councillors, british soldiers, RUC and current police officers, prison wardens and combatants, all giving their perspective on the past “The Troubles”, the Peace Process and todays politics and the future of Northern Ireland.

Immersion Course over The Politics of Northern Ireland (The troubles)
Our class used all of the tours that Rauiri offers and each one was amazing in its own way. Ruairi’s overall knowledge of the cities we went to and that of the conflict is to put it simply, mind-blowing. That aspect added a whole new dimension to my experience as well as the knowledge I had gained for the class itself. I could tell that he changed up some of the tours themselves to make sure that they connected back to what we were learning about (for example, being able to ask questions during the Giants Causeway visit). Beyond Rauiri’s amazing knowledge of Irish history and culture, he was very flexible in making sure we got the best experience possible. We had run into some hiccups due to the time we were visiting and he still made the trip amazing and I could tell that he was working hard and making sure that happened. To cap all of this off, Ruairi has an amazing personality, he is very personable and makes you feel like a true friend, he also has a great sense of humor. I high recommend using Ruairi and would like to thank him one more time for making my trip to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland one I will remember for the rest of my life.

Shore Excursions for Cruise Ship Visitors

We are delighted to offer shore excursions for cruise ship passengers direct from Belfast Port, Derry Port, Killybegs or Greencastle for visitors arriving in 2020 or 2021. These shore excursions are brought to you by Tours of Derry exclusively.

Knowing that your time is limited and the importance of arriving back to Port on time for departure, we use only the best luxurious coaches making your tour even more personal and easily accessible.

We have years of experience in showing you some of the most beautiful parts of Northern Ireland and Donegal in our modern coaches. Every tour is guided by a fully qualified and passionate guide who will ensure that you are enriched and engaged by your visit.

We adjust our times to suit you and the ships arrival plus your bus will be waiting at the port for you. It is important you leave the ship as soon as it docks.


  • We will pick you up from whichever port, Belfast, Derry or Killybegs upon your ships arrival.
  • We will return you to your ship at least one hour before scheduled departure time.
  • Should your coach experience mechanical issues or breakdowns, we have a back up, to ensure you return to the ship before departure.
  • You will receive a full refund if your ship cannot dock in port for whatever reason.

Your vacation is in your time and you got the right to enjoy it your way. Unlike other tour guide companies, we don’t enforce a timetable to make you uneasy over a tight schedule. Go ahead and make a reservation now and I look forward to meeting you very soo

Tours Of Derry DMC

Tours of Derry is a dynamic Destination Management Company based in Derry, Northern Ireland, specialising in the supply of land travel services for groups from around the world. We provide a one-to-one professional and friendly service with unrivalled attention to detail and local expertise, creative tailor-made programmes and best value proposals. We are focused on working with you to grow your groups and events business and helping you deliver memorable travel experiences in Northern Ireland. We look forward to creating a memorable experience for you with our mission to deliver personally tailored, authentic tours.

Perfectly. Contact us today at info@toursof

Ruairi O’hEara

You can start this experience at the following places.

Tours of Derry
Great James Street 37, Londonderry BT48 7DF, Northern Ireland, GB

Guildhall Street, Londonderry BT48, Northern Ireland, GB


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      star rating  Being a university student studying the Troubles, I was blown away by the knowledge and experience of Ruari. He answered every question with extreme detail and used his own experiences… read more


      star rating  I first met Ruairí in Derry in May 2019 and began working with him in August to plan a tour for 12 university students from the States in March 2020… read more


      star rating  I cannot thank Rauri enough for the experience he was able to provide to both my classmates and I! This was my first time visiting Ireland, and Ruari blew me… read more