The Bogside is one of the most famous neighbourhoods affected by "the troubles".
It was a bastion of the republican struggle throughout the troubles...



This was a great tour, one filled with the rich history or Derry. No one tells a story better than a local!

Anna Milley

Really authentic tours of the bogside and Derry city! Ruairi o heara is a local guide from the bogside who offers walking and bus tours of his beloved city of Derry!

Johnny Mc Court

Ruairi is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met, and it was an amazing experience to have someone like him to show us around Derry City and explain some significant historical points and monuments around town. He does so with such confidence and humility – able to deliver heart-breaking facts, while also conveying love and appreciation for the progress that has been made.

Brandon Hardy

Not just in Derry, Ruirai has a wealth of knowledge of the history of Ireland. Expertly communicated in various languages. You will not be disappointed

Bill Waters

Having worked for one of the biggest mult-day tour operators in Ireland, we would regularly take tours through Derry, the oldest town in Ireland with an incredible amount of history and no shortage of local charm. No more so than Ruairi. This guy is the most passionate, knowledgable and funniest guides I have had the pleasure of working with in over 10 years in the business. You simply have to take this tour.

Danny Hamilton

Ruairi is a wonderful guy with a wealth of knowledge about the history, culture and politics of Derry. If you are interested in getting an informative and educational tour from a local who knows his stuff, then Ruairi is your guy. He is also a great person and fun to spend time with!

Leah Rinaldi

Tours of Derry is a super way to see Derry! Ruairi is very knowledgeable and has a great personality. We would recommend his tours to anyone looking for facts and fun combined.

Jo Anne Catlett

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone. You simply cant get local knowledge like Ruairi has! He was polite, friendly and a true gentleman. Very pleased

Rory O’ Doherty

Ruairi’s tour was the absolute highlight of my tour of Ireland. We saw so many incredible things during our nine day stay but this was the most informative, interesting, and historically rich tour of all of them.
His knowledge and expertise truly set this apart from any other experience we had.
He shares an inside perspective of somebody who experienced the history and political turbulence in Derry.

Tania Fernandez

I very much recommend this tour! I’m from NYC and on a recent visit to Northern Ireland I took this tour, and it was amazing. The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable regarding the subject matter, and I found the tour stops not only beautiful but also full of history. Do yourself a favour if you have the chance to travel to Derry/Londonderry and book this tour! It’s worth your time, and money! Cheers

Nathan Anderson